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Help choosing front load Washer/Dryer

17 years ago

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are closing on our first home (a new construction) and we are absolutely clueless abt many things incl laundry appliances. I have been reading the home forum avidly for all kinds of information(it has been very helpful) and this is my first post.

We decided on a budget of $1600 for both W/D. we are undecided between various frontload models of kenmore he2/he3/he3t washers. we are also thinking to go for a less expensive dryer(considering the fact that the HE washers have good spin cycle)

Is it advisable to splurge a few more dollars to buy the expensive models? (ie is the most expensive the best washer?)

any advice(regarding other brands too) is appreciated.

thank you!

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