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Laundry Room Location: Upstairs, Downstairs or Basement!

11 years ago

Hey guys!

I'm in the process of tweaking my floor plan for my new home and I have literally moved the laundry room up, down and back again! I can't seem to settle on the best place for it.

The original plan has it located in the mudroom, off of the kitchen coming in from the garage. It's a nice sized room 9.6" x 7.8" so it would probably accommodate it well.

However, we will have (one's baking!) two young boys by the time construction is complete whose rooms will be upstairs and a master suite on the main floor. My sister has her laundry located in a similar location in her home and she hates it! She wishes so much she had it upstairs where their bedrooms and main bathrooms are located. She also has two boys (the age mine will be when we move) and she says she gets so tired of hauling their laundry downstairs, then back up every day.

So, I moved it upstairs across from the boy's bathroom. The only thing that causes me concern about this location is if there were a leak or problem with the washer that would cause a flood. We'd obviously have to tile the floor, but would that be enough? Also, what about venting (and cleaning the vent trap) on the second floor?

So, I considered moving it downstairs, with a built in dumbwaiter (manual, mind you) but then I have to try to figure in where to put the chute and still factor in that I will be traveling up and down steps (although not with a load).

Any suggestions? I'm stumped!

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