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Why I'll never buy from Solutions Catalog again

12 years ago

Here is my gripe about Solutions catalog. I live on the west coast and this is an east coast company. I called last night to place and order and after I hung up my husband said wanted me to change the color of one of the items. I call back but she can't make changes to my order because she works at one of those "after hours" order taking services (it was only 6:30pm here!).... but if I call next morning and speak with customer service they will be able to make the change. First thing next day I make that call and am told too late you can't change or even cancel the order. Was I supposed to set the alarm for 5 am in order to call them in time?

I'm so sick of companies catering to the east coast time zone. So now I've got to go through the hassle of returning this thing. Grrrrr. If they want people on the west coast to buy from them then they should adjust their hours so we don't have to do everything by 2pm.

Stupid company, they can keep their east coast customers. I'm done with them.

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