HE3 Washer....smell...I know it has been discussed but...

15 years ago

I'm not clear on how to the fix problem. I have had my machine for over a year and a half and from day one have always left my door open (read it on the reviews here, thanks!), however, I've moved and after being in this house for over 2 months my laundry room is getting really smelly!. My version does not have the sanitary cycle or I would definately run that.

Here are my stats:

-I used MelaPower (a non-toxic liquid detergent) only a 1/4 to 1/2 pump

-I used very little fabric softener

-I almost always run it on the normal cycle and leave everything else on default (spin cyle default, rinse default, etc).

-Our water heater is set at 120 (we have young children)

Should I be doing something different? Is there anyway to rid the machine of this smell? I fear it will only get worse. All ideas are much appreciated. Please forgive me if the answer is somewhere else in this forum. I did a search and read some answers....but i think i must have missed "it". I already leave the door open (will start to leave the dispenser open) and I do not have the sanitary cylce option on the HE3. I do use only a small amount of detergent albeit liquid (I prefer to stay with non-toxic product and have allergy sufferers in the house).

Thanks so much for your help!!


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