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Ariel Detergent you may have never seen

17 years ago

Check out this Ariel Gel that is obviously a German product.

It is "kaltactiv", or cold water capable, useful at 20 degrees C (68f), so most tap water temps would work (but it still shows it is good to 95C or 203F). 75ml does a load in the relatively hard water we have in this part of Germany.

One thing that is funny, when you are buying detergents at a German market, all are the equivalent of HE, but none show that on the packaging. That is simply because 99.999 percent of German households own a FL washer, so that is the market. The commisary on base still carries 95 percent top-load detergent, because most Americans take their top-load washing habits with them to Europe (the USAF modifies TL washers to run on the local current and frequency and loans them out to servicepeople). They also offer German washers, which is what I picked, a nice Siemens, brand new out of the box (because no other Americans wanted it). Since we pay for our own water, it made lots of sense to me, besides having a 90C cycle and a 60 intensiv cycle, plus profile wash (flecken).

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of German Ariel kaltactiv gel

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