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Design Help badly needed- I can't decide on anything!

14 years ago

I have spent countless hours looking for the perfect inspiration picture but although I can find many kitchens that are beautiful, I can't see any of them in my space. Our style is transitional (is that the proper term for "somewhere in the middle"?!?)

* We know we want wood floors. The plan is to lay them throughout the 1st floor. We don't want them too dark (shows too much dirt), and hubby doesn't want them too light (doesn't like them). Looks like we are in the middle.

* We both agree on wood cabinets - love the warm feel. We are having a hard time finding cabinets that contrast with floors that don't make me feel like I'm living in a tree house. Again, hubby doesn't like light woods. Also, the kitchen gets very little natural light so although we are putting in recessed/undercab/pendant lighting I'm worried dark cabinets will look cave like.

* We'll skip the counter top and back splash elements for now because I have such a headache I can't see that far!

I feel like painted cabinets would be the solution - but since we both prefer stained wood so that seems like a strange choice. There has to be a way to bridge the gap. Maybe we have to consider painted cabinets? Is this a case of what I like doesn't work with what I like?!?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated -


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