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Looking for ideas for article on holiday decorating

10 years ago

I write a monthly decorating column for our small town local newspaper that comes out once a week. Occasionally they have a special "insert" in the paper with a theme. A couple of weeks ago there was a Fall Home Improvement insert and they asked me to write an article related to that -- I wrote about ways to "warm up" your home (decor-wise) for the cold weather ahead. You know, switch out the linen throw pillows for velvet ones, put a throw blanket on the back of the sofa, using warm colors/accents, blah blah. Well, now they're asking me to write for the holiday special insert and I can't think of what the heck to write about. Holiday decorating... okay, but in what respect? One problem with these articles is that they can only print one photo (and sometimes even the one photo gets cut). Any ideas? I have two weeks to come up with something, and I'm just drawing a blank so far!

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