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Vote on backsplash choices please :)

13 years ago

Greetings from St John and Happy 2010 to everyone on this wonderful forum :)

Well here is my first dilemma of the New Year.......I thought I really liked my sexy, dark, mysterious iridescent tile - that was until it was grouted. The small 4" sample and the larger 12" sample we ordered looked fantastic before then, and now I'm not so sure. It might be that it needs a good clean as there still might be some grout residue left but it looks a bit, well, dark and muddy and very iridescent. The lighter tile on the other hand looks much better than I thought it would and does blend well with an island home, so here is the I wait and see if my dark tile grows on me in different light and after a good clean, do we order another 12" sample sheet of tile in the lighter color in the same style as my dark, sexy tile, or stay with the lighter tile that we have (which is a blend of 3 different finishes) but is approx $15 more per foot, and now I have just noticed that Oceanside has a tile called Pewter.........hummmmm..............sounds like I might have found another choice.....arrrgh

If you would like to vote on your favorite so far please do so :)

Thanks everyone


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