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At what age should children stop showering with parents

10 years ago

We have an ongoing battle at our house where my husband has always been very against our daughter taking a shower with me. Nakedness is not a big deal to me (and is for my DH) and I'm sure my daughter will see plenty of naked women over her lifetime and it is not like she would then be pointing and asking about certain features. She has asked about stuff once when she was closer to 3 and that was it.

Sometimes it is just easier and faster to have her with me there instead of giving her a separate bath and I know her BF mom does the same thing and so does my BF with her son.

We are talking a Pre-K age here and Saturday I think my DH blew his top over this and said she is too old. My response was well so and so still does - (I don't really know others to ask this more personal question) and also said it is not like she won't be seeing plenty of naked women over her lifetime what is the big deal. I got only the she is too old for that and lots of door slamming and we still went ahead and did it as we would be late otherwise for where we were going.

Now what bothers me is that we generally have a united front on things and my daughter made a comment after the shower that she was going to hang up her towel in her bathroom so "Daddy doesn't know". I don't think that is the right thing to teach her either, but this is one of those things I think he is being completely unreasonable about - or maybe it is me that is out of line. So please share what you think as far as is she too old or if not what age would be considered too old. I'm guessing the too old will come soon, but how do I judge when.

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