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Need creative writers! with dark minds...

12 years ago

We're having our first ever (adult) Halloween party this weekend. All the guests are good friends, no one we have to "impress" or worry about offending! It's just a cocktails & snacks sort of party, and I'm trying to think of ghoulish/gory names for some of the snack foods. For example, for chicken wings, we'll call them Bat Wings. I'm making pigs-in-blankets that look like mummies from a picture I found on line. Can you think up good names for these snacks?...

chips and salsa

veggies and dip (or crudite platter if you're fancy)

cheese and crackers

a bowl of mixed nuts with dried cranberries

I'm having fun with the party prep, including putting together a playlist of songs for the event! But I'm not a terribly creative writer so I figured I'd let you guys take a stab (ha) at it.

I'm also covering the wine bottle labels with poison labels :)

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