Please review possible laundry room layouts, shelving, sink?

8 years ago

I am trying to finalize our laundry room layout ... and could really use your help?

We are re-using kitchen cabinets along the top so that's the back bank of 81" of glass cabinets (it's three 27" cabinets in real life but IKEA planner had to create that out of different sizes.) Not ideal that they are all glass, but we own them and they are beautiful cabinets, so I'll figure out how to make the storage neat... somehow!

And, then we want to have open shelving for full-size laundry baskets, at least one for each four of us - so four to maybe six (towels and sheets?)

PLEASE NOTE: the IKEA tool only puts in two-shelf units in the planner, so imagine that it's only two shelves which allows for two laundry baskets in each space. And, also, our washer/dryer will be on the pedestals from LG so they are higher and fit right up to under the window.

The question is:

Where should the open shelving go - and where we add the sink?

In the plan where the open shelving is along the same wall as the full-height utility cabinet, we would put a utility sink centered under the window. It has a trash pull-out next to it, then another set of open shelving for either baskets or storage.

(Caveat: While I think it's more logical to have the baskets near the w/d, I also want to be sure there is room on the counter next to the dryer for baskets / folding without hitting the sink?)

In the plan where the open shelving is along the back wall where the windows are, we'd need to put the utility sink in the back left corner. It's tough to tell on this view but it has a narrow cabinet for paper towels, then a set of three drawers in the middle on the utility cabinet side, then a pull-out trash cabinet before you get to the corner for the sink.

I attached one plan that has the cabinet layout flat so you can just see the general dimensions of the room.

Thanks for your thoughts?

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