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Prices in Sw FL?

15 years ago

We're getting close to needing a new unit- current one is 13 year old Rheem 11 seer, the air handler/heat strips were replaced about 3 years ago.I "think" we want to go with the highest SEER we can afford. probably 16 or 17. Does this sound right? Don't really need to worry about heat pump, the heat only gets turned on about 4-5 times a year and doesn't even get used the whole day at that.

We've just started calling around and I'm getting some quotes- I know they need to come out and look it over, but this seems like the quickest way to weed out the ones that are higher than heck.

Current unit is a 3 ton, so I'm sure that's still what we need, house is single story, open floor plan about 1200 sq ft. The current unit cools well, so size should be fine. We also have a HRU for the water.

I've been told a couple things- do HRU's work on the new systems or not? I understand we'd need a new HRU unit for the new coolant, true? Also had one tell me they'd have to replace the copper lines, the old ones (copper, too) wouldn't work. Do we have to get a new air handler? Would it make sense to replace that further down the road, since it's so new?

Can you guess we know very little about A/C? Hoping we can keep this around $6000, but not sure, does that sound reasonable? Thanks!!!!

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