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replacing baseboard heat with fan convector - good idea?

13 years ago

Hi, I am new posting here. I have searched the forum and haven't found the answer to our problem. We are in the process of an addition and are making some changes to our current heating system. We upgraded our old boiler to a new efficient Buderus. In our LR due to cuts in the wall from the addition we need to remove the baseboard heat in those areas. And we also are converting 2 windows to doors onto decks. So we will have minimal wall space available for baseboard heat. Our heating-plumber contractor first suggested a high output baseboard that we were planning to go with - it is only a little larger than what we currently have. In light of changing both windows to doors he then offered using a product called a fan convector in place of the baseboard heat. He said he would remove all the baseboard and replace it with the product in the link below. This is the one he recommended for our space - LR measures 24' by 15' and has a vaulted ceiling in approx 2/3 of the space. There will be 2 french doors on exterior walls with no other windows. Other 2 walls are interior walls.

My questions?

-has anyone used these and how did it work out for you?

-how loud will it be? It is described as whisper quiet but I would like to know in advance about the noise level. I will call the company to ask what the sone is for this unit.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Please let me know other information necessary to answer my questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fan Convector PSU30

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