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On patience....

Annie Deighnaugh
10 years ago

The topic came up on a thread on the other side, and I honestly don't remember if I posted it here, but If I did, it's worth repeating....

Recent issue of Prevention magazine had an article about a woman, a young mother who was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately she survived it, but it was enough of a wake-up call for her to come up with a new expression, which I love:

I don't have time to rush.

How true. We spend our days rushing from here to there, trying to get 4 things done at a time, only to look back and find life happened and we were too busy to notice. Rather than achieving our goal of packing more into life, we will have missed the time we had. Instead put intention and thought behind every activity. Enjoy each moment for what it is as you will never get it back. We can really only do one thing at a time, and if we do it with intention, we will do it well and appreciate our precious moments all the more....we will, in fact, have packed more living into our finite time on earth.

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