Pre-Surgery Anxiety

6 years ago

So I have knee surgery scheduled tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty anxious about getting through the procedure safely. I've had some serious med reactions in the past, and I spoke with the anesthesiologist about it. It was Serotonin Syndrome from a single SSRI. Life threatening. It turns out a lot of meds increase serotonin including opioids, muscle relaxants, and anti nauseas.

Anyway, he thinks I will need an opioid for pain so I feel nervous about that. Plus I have preventricular contractions ( a type of benign arrhythmia) that are quite bothersome to me and low blood pressure. Plus I'm tiny.

I am afraid my heart will stop. I'm also afraid of a med reaction. Post-traumatic stress.

Has anyone recovered from a scope without narcotics?

I've had a number of surgeries that went okay, but back in the 90s. I'm in my forties now and heart rhythm and serotonin issues developed since that time.

Just struggling with the anticipation anxiety and uncertainty of how it will go.

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