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Liquid or Bar Soap?

12 years ago

Today I received two pretty catalogs in the mail focussing on selling soaps, lotions, creams, etc. Even men's shaving supplies.

The catalogs are from Caswell-Massey Apothecary & Gina Rose Atelier-Couture Soaps and Gifts.

Which kind of soap do you prefer, and why? I made the switch to liquid a few years back, thanks to Bath & Body Work's exellent soap. I keep liquid soap near all the sinks in the house.

We also use liquid soap in the shower because I just know there are germs galore on bar soap. lol. It creeps me out washing my hands or body with a wet bar of soap someone recently used. I don't think it's good hygiene.

I was wondering in the age of Liquid Soap, if decorative/scented bar soaps would also make a nice gift?

I display some of the bar soaps I've received as gifts, but it seems like such a waste not to use it, and I won't use it either. Unless I'm out of the liquid. :)


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