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Looking for Bill V!! Tile grout and sealer question for you (pics

13 years ago

We had our mudroom and bathroom tile installed yesterday. I went with the Mirage Slate Military Green tile like Kitchenkelly. It's a porcelain that looks like slate. I absolutely love it, the pictures make it look more brown and gold than it is. More of a green/gray with touches of brown. I went with natural gray sanded grout from Laticrete. A last minute pick up at Lowes. Last night the grout looked perfect, but this morning it looks much lighter. I was told to seal it, not sure with what. I happen to have Tile Guard's Enhance and Seal or TG's Penetrating Sealer. Got these back when I was testing granite samples.

Can I use these or do I need something special, will the enhance and seal darker the grout? I've seen a post about making grout darker.

He also said I could walk on it this morning, but shouldn't I wait 24 hours? When do I seal it?

Thanks so much, I remember Kitchenkelly posting that you helped her with her decisions.
{{gwi:1572208}}From January 2009

{{gwi:1572209}}From January 2009

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