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Need help deciding on new air conditioner

11 years ago

It's hot and humid here in Houston and my upstairs AC has multiple leaks, so a replacement is needed. Here is what is being suggested.

1. Condenser - Lennox, model no. XC17030
2. Evaporator Coil - Lennox, model no. CH3331A
3. Furnace - Lennox, model no. SL280UH070V36A
4. Thermostat-Lennox Wi-fi color digital thermostat

Another question, so I need two stage compressor and variable speed drive/blower/fan to help with the humidity which is oppressive. To get the house cool we have to set the temp lower and it feels clammy to me, especially during the hottest days.

I am concerned that none of the companies that came out to bid a replacement suggested a Manual J or Manual D (we have mult. temperature differences between rooms.

I only know enough about HVAC to be dangerous hopefully those of you with more knowledge will come to my aid.


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