Carrier 5Ton Puron Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Issue

12 years ago

Hi everyone, I just found this website and I love it. I do have a question.

We recently moved to NC and are unfamilar with the rules of Freon here.

My out side part of my air condition is not working. Sometimes the fan comes on, sometimes it doesn't. We looked it up on the net and found that the motor and relay might be bad. We replaced those two parts - it didn't help. So we called a local repair company. They said it was the hi/low reverse valve and it was going to cost $2000 to fix it. I looked up the part at and it's only $230. So, I guessed the rest was labor. When I questioned the price to the repair man, he said $700 was to recoupe the 410 freon, send it to a recycler for cleaning and put new freon back in my system. He told me they had to use new because it was the law. My question is: Is it a "Law" to recoupe freon, recycle it with an out side company and put fresh in? Or is it leagal to capture the freon, replace the part, then put the captured freon back in the system?

Thanks for everyones advice in advance.

- Tina

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