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Best solution for 1950s layout? air-conditioning? other?

11 years ago

Hi, I live in the NY burbs. I'd appreciate if some experts can offer advice upon referring to my below questions plus descriptive layout.

Note that I have two 50-pt. Amana dehumidifiers efficiently dehumidifying the basement since the mold nightmare of 2011, so the issues at hand are not basement-related. Also disregard the non-visible part of the layout, since the kitchen & east bedroom are resolved via kitchen AC.

also note - i forgot to indicate that the living room has a huge picture window, with narrow 20"wide double hungs built into either side of same. To the East of that huge pictureWindow there actually is room to build an AC into the wall, but i'm not sure the cool air would reach the middle back room?

Alternatively considering:
Would it make sense to buy a 30-pint? or 50-pint? dehumidifer and put it in the living room, near the doorway facing the rear-bedroom doorway, and then break my head finding a decent handyman to upgrade the wimpy plastic fan which a handyman built into the S.W. bedroom, to a strong-metal one capable of transferring the 5000-BTU air from the SouthWest bedroom to the Master Bedroom, via the wall?

And: Would placement in the Hall-Facing Doorway of LivingRoom pull out humid air from:
the Rear Bedroom
and the Living Room
and the SouthWest Bedroom?

If weather is in the 90s or more, would dehumidifier overheat, and would paint flake of house walls?

As for costs:
50 pt. dehumidifers (Amana or Generations) range between $200 to approx. $250.

Added Notes:

As you can see, air conditioners at rear of house are not easily an option (or are they??) due to either slider windows taking up wallspace, or else 20" maximum openings at the sliders in NW bedroom.

Also: The central-air which was installed in 1970s broke down approx. 3 years ago. Furthemore, it's just myself in the house now, all alone. Barely strength left after the huge headaches which this house (indoor/outdoor) and other life factors have imposed.

Finally, should I leave well enough alone & hope that that humid summer which caused the mold a few years ago was extremely freaky?

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