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Alzheimer's Update

8 years ago

I had so many responses to my post about my sorority sister with Alzheimer's Disease that I thought an update might be appreciated. Everyone has spent some time with M over the summer doing a variety of things: talking, walking, swimming, lunching, dinner (the husband came, too) and one rather difficult session addressing invitations. We've learned a lot and experienced her being animated and her being withdrawn and confused, but we always felt her in our hearts. This week is our annual beach week getaway, M included. I couldn't go due to work, but joined some of them for golf this morning and got some feedback about M's experience: with good company and attention she's been engaged and enthusiastic. Her roommate has noted some actions of concern and M spent more time sleeping than ever before, but overall it was a great week.

I recently attended a day-long workshop for AD caregivers that was informative, depressing and uplifting in stages. The first third of the day was role-play in which two IRL caregivers acted out realistic situations with a third person acting as an AD sufferer. The middle third was facts of AD from a medical doctor/researcher: there is no prevention, no cure and no real treatment. The final session was about communication: AD sufferers who appear to be deaf, mute and uncomprehending can and do communicate. Watch the video below. It was shown as the finale and is provocative.

Here is a link that might be useful: AD validation therapy

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