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Can't knit or crochet for at least a week

14 years ago

And I'm having a pity party! Sunday after church I stopped at the grocery store just for a bottle of mustard. It was raining and as I stepped through the doors, I wiped my feet on the mat, but I didn't see that the floor beyond the mat was wet (no wet floor sign) and my feet went right out from under me! I landed hard on my left side and my elbow took the hardest hit. I knew immediately something was very wrong with my elbow. But I could move my fingers so I was pretty sure it wasn't broken. There was a large indentation in the elbow and when I tried to move it, it just clicked and wouldn't move at all. Lots of people witnessed the fall and two of the checkers said they actually heard it as well. The store people were all over me. They called an ambulance and got me a chair (I insisted that every other part of my body was fine). One of the checkers asked if she could get what I came into the store for. "Only mustard", I said. I thought it was hilarious that she actually rang it up and let me fumble in my change purse for $2.19 to pay for it. And they certainly were not prepared for an accident at the store. The manager said he had to ask me some questions. He said that normally they would have some packets, but they didn't seem to have any and he didn't know why. So he was scribbling information on a yellow piece of copy paper.

I spent a little over 4 hours in the emergency room. They gave me morphine for the pain. It made me drowsy, but didn't take away one bit of the pain. After x-rays were taken (more pain - they didn't get that I couldn't straighten out my arm for their pictures), they determined that my diagnosis was correct. Dislocation. I have to admit that I had these horrible visions in my head from movies I've seen where someone just yanks the thing back into joint and the person screams, then they're good to go. Well, the reality is quite different. They put me under conscious sedation (don't know why they call it conscious - I don't remember a thing), then manipulated it back into the socket. I came to awareness as they were putting a half-cast on.

I know I should be thankful that I was well taken care of, but I was a little peeved that they didn't take my pullover off while I was under and wouldn't have felt any pain. Instead, they just cut the arm open and ruined it. Oh well, do you suppose the grocery store will buy me another? I'm not the suing kind, but I do expect that they will pay for the medical bills, and hopefully my lost wages. I have to wear a sling for 3 days and I don't think it's a good idea to drive with it, at least not right now. It didn't hurt too bad when I first got home, but it's sure hurting now. I can't believe that I am home for a while and I can't do what I love most - knit and crochet! Boo hoo!

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