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mix match compressor blower 4 hvac 'pros' later still broken help

10 years ago

Okay so i bought a house back in feb about 20 yrs old with original blower in the garage, however the outdoor unit is 4 years old. house caught fire contractors came in and did a horrible repair soldering copper lines no power no freon etc but the unit is fairly new outdoors.

1st guy rewired re joined lines with a better weld etc go to crank it and the motor was burned out charged $430 for wiring and soldering and poor troubleshooting

2nd guy replaced motor and said the compressor was bad because it would not take a charge so now fan spins theres still no freon in the system

3rd guy was suppose to replace the compressor because he was certified for the brand and the unit was still under warranty wants to charge 700 for freon and labor to put it in

4th guy (most professional so far) attached a capacitor to give the compressor a "boost" and it worked so the capacitor to the compressor is now fried no big deal a capacitor might be $50. But he wanted to try to sell me a new unit for 4600 claiming i dont have enough power and the coils inside might be leaking but he had no baisis for a procedure and i didnt want to pay for the charge to last a day if that

So at this point i have found a coil evaporator for the inside unit for 250 bucks on craigslist i dont want to buy it if there isnt even a leak ive read there are ways to check but so far no one has attempted that i dont know how it all works i guess im just trying to get professional advice from a non sales rep with some sort of understanding of the situation.

anything would be greatly appreciated!

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