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Need feedback on home remodel plans and kitchen layout

11 years ago

We just bought our first home and are remodeling it before we move in. We are extending the back wall into the backyard so that we can add a dining room and an office and to enlarge the kitchen. (There is a dashed line indicating the "Line of Existing Structure". Everything beyond that will be the extension.)
I am new to home remodeling and would LOVE some feedback from the GW pros. A few things to note. This home is on a hill so it is tri-level. This is the main floor/living area. We have 2 young boys (4 & 2), so we were thinking of using the study area as a play area for now with maybe on wall for office stuff. There is also a bedroom downstairs that we will be using for an office since my husband and I sometimes telecommute.

Kitchen concerns:

1) Is the U shaped the best layout for us? Do we consider a larger island and get rid of the peninsula? Do we get rid of the island since it is only 36'?
2) The placement of the range/cooktop --> It is far from the refrigerator; the work triangle doesn't seem ideal but I don't know how else to configure the kitchen
3) There is no breakfast nook --> There is a bartop on the peninsula for people to eat but there's no "table". We are not overly formal people so we could use the dining room when we have more people and we wouldn't necessarily make the dining room a "formal" room
4) We have kept the kitchen door to make it easy to take trash out but the family room will also have french doors to the outside so if it makes more sense to get rid of the kitchen door, we can make it work
5) We can't maintain 4 feet around the island so it is 3 ft 6 inches instead. Is that problematic in your experience?
6) I had to choose between a larger pantry or having wall ovens. I chose the larger pantry so we will have to put a range in and I don't know where the microwave will go yet. Maybe in the island?

We still have to decide on cabinets so I'll probably post separately on that once we finalize the kitchen layout. One step at a time....
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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