Heat Pump Issues - does either guy know anything??

14 years ago

We are having problems with one of our heat pumps (Ducane). The unit has been nothing but trouble since it was installed three years ago. Now it doesn't work. The fan on the air handler turns on, the fan on the outside unit turns on, then the unit buzzes for a second or two. A minute later it buzzes again. The buzzing repeats every minute or so. I have it turned off now.

The people who installed it could not come look at it. They focus on selling and installing systems and appear unable to actually service them any more. I called another company. They came and looked at it and said it needs a new compressor. He said it is supposed to draw 13 amps and it is drawing 44 amps when it tries to start. I know zip about heat pumps, so I don't know if he is blowing smoke or is actually correct. While he was working I noticed some wires dangling. He said they were for the high pressure switch and that it had been jumpered out by the installer. He says the compressor itself should be covered under the compressor manufacturers warranty and labor to install it and check it out would be $350 - $500.

Why would an installer bypass that switch?

At this point I have no idea who to trust, or if I should try to find another person to check it out.

Help, please....

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