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beadboard: where (in the US) and when is it appropriate?

12 years ago


i've never decorated a kitchen before, so maybe some of you can relate. in fact, this is the first home of my own; i've always lived in an apartment or someone else's house.

and i need your help.

we live on the west coast, in '90s tract home. they all look alike. it's called "mediterranean-style", but it's pretty nondescript. we'll be staying awhile.

tonight i found gardenweb member arin's vintage kitchen, and i just loved her backsplash. note: nothing in my house is vintage!

i don't have a decorating style, but i've always loved a touch of beadboard. my personality: simple... with a little whimsy. oh and that 'dog island' kitchen that beekeeperswife posted... THAT is me! :)

so, can i do this and not be too 'off'? my color scheme would be different.

there are some of you sweet people who will say, 'do what makes you happy!' but please, really tell me if this would be a 'mmm...maybe not'.

thanks in advance! :)

p.s. if any of you are puzzled because i posted about the 'cool kitchen' first, that was mainly about the layout/cabinet proportions.

arin's backsplash:

"dog" island from Houzz (posted by beekeeperswife):

Here is a link that might be useful: Arin's Vintage Kitchen

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