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No Pantry or Susan? Where do you store your food? Pic.

15 years ago

I'm looking at a "new build" home that doesn't have a pantry. (Picture below) In addition to what you see there is another 36" (I think) upper and lower on the other side of the fridge out of sight. There's a counter in between them that we thought we could use as a coffee station and/or for the phone & mail etc. but it's possible to put pull outs in that lower bank and store some of the items there. It just doesn't seem like enough!

The ceilings are 10 ft, but with my 5'2" height I will not easily be able to access much of the upper cabinet space (with out a step stool) so we'll have to save that space for little used or seasonal items. Also, There are no corner cabinets that I could put a lazy susan.

Do you think there you would have enough room in here for pantry items? My DH says it would work fine, I have my doubts. Also, they say I can customize the cabinets slightly so I am hoping to take a some of the cabinet "doors" and make them "drawers" for my plates. When I first saw the kitchen I thought "finally! I will have room for all my kitchen things!" Now I'm afraid I will use all my extra space for food.... Am I worrying for nothing?

As a side note. I would also get to choose cabinet styles, stains and backsplash...this is just what is in the model and the pics don't do it justice. :)

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