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I'm at my wits end. I just want to kill someone!!!

12 years ago

I know I don't post much and I haven't contributed much, but I've enjoyed reading the posts here. Plus whenever I come across a member's post about how frustrating it is to remodel, I commiserate and actually feel a *tiny* bit better about my situation. Maybe my post will help someone feel better about their remodel too.

Backstory: We started our renovation back in September. We added 750 sq. feet to our house so mind you, it's not a small project. We gutted our entire kitchen, expanded our living room, built a small library, added a laundry and second bathroom. At first, the project went by super fast. The foundation, framing and roof took less than one month. We were amazed at the work. This was with a construction company that's been around for 30 years so they are not a one man job kindda team. They know what they're doing.....or so it seems!

When they moved into our kitchen, their biggest flaw was cabinet installation. We had spent MAJOR bucks on our cabinets and expected them to be installed professionally. Well, let's just say the person who "does all the main installation" for this company is an idiot. He put 5 one inch screws into one of the upper cabinets (with see through glass mind you). The reason he put in 5 screws was because he could not find the stud. *falls to the ground*

Anyway, since the kitchen remodel incident, we've talked to the owner and things have just gone downhill. He was so proud of his work prior to this and everything to him was quality, quality, quality. However, we have not seen the fine details and quality work that he's been promising! He did hire a subcontractor to do the rest of the installation, but this guy shows up when he wants to. We've had to call him every other day and he would show up to work for no more than one hour each week. That's fine, but it's been 3 months! Sure, the kitchen looks functional, but it's nowhere near completion. The moldings are not in place. The cabinets still have to be filled and retouched. The glass needs to be put on the upper cabinet doors...the list goes on and on.

This is not even mentioning the rest of the house. Major work is done, but the things like, door trims, baseboards, lights, appliances hook up, etc. are not done at all. I am at my wits end. One of the recess light is dangling in the middle of my hallway and would hit my husband's head EVERY time he walks by at night. It's such a hazard and I thank God we do not have children. The amount of nails and junk lying around is enough to make me sick just thinking about it!

This is supposedly a great company. Our friend used them and even though we've talked to her about our problems, she STILL wants to use them for her house remodel next month. I mean, I don't get it. What is wrong with contractors? Do they not care about finishing the job and doing it right?

My husband speculates that this company completely underestimated our project. Since they were looking for jobs, they probably took our job which was much lower than other bids we've seen! But is that our problem? They were the one who told us they'd do the work. :(

We still have $5k to pay them during the final walk through, but I just want to give it to them and kick them out of my house! since December, husband has been doing a lot of the work himself whenever he can. He's started to put in the hardwood flooring and buying trims so that he could just see a completed house. Bless his heart, but we are paying these guys to do this. I don't understand why they are just not showing up anymore.

Our built in microwave is broken because the person who installed it jammed the cord so much it bent. Now it's built in and grouted to our tiles so the tiles will have to be removed, installations around the microwave needs to be removed..... yikes!

Did I say I want to kill someone???

Thank you so much for letting me vent. I'm so incredibly fed up and sad. I want my life back.

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