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Almost finished minor reno - we kept our 80s oak cabinets!

14 years ago

Hi all. I've learned so much since I found this forum a few months ago. Thank you all for your generous advice.

DH and I moved into our home 15 months ago and agreed to wait a full year before tackling any major projects. It's just the 2 of us, plus a teenage family member who lives with us during the school week.

The bones of the new kitchen were oak cabs and tile counters. In our 20 years of marriage, the only countertops we'd ever had before were Formica, and the grout in the new kitchen drove us both crazy. At the one-year mark, we agreed that new countertops were our first priority.

Flooring and appliances are 4 years old, so we kept them for now. We'll deal with lighting someday and will replace appliances with similar white models as they wear out. Our OTR MW just died; that's why there's a back-up MW on the CT in the After pic. We saved money by doing our own demo and installing the BS and cabinet hardware.

I realize some may find our choices a little busy, but they work for us, and they'll look spectacular if/when I convince DH to paint, stain, or reface those cabinets. Though I have to admit that they are really well built, and I like them a lot better with black granite up against them and black iron pulls screwed onto them.



Granite: Black Galaxy

Glass Tile Backsplash: Jeffrey Court Carrera Listello II

Black granite sink: Pegasus

Faucet & soap dispenser: Price Pfister

Rug: Ikea

Pulls: Top Knobs Hopewell Bar

Cabinets, appliances, flooring: existing

Here's a before pic from the real estate brochure.

After. Pulls still have to be installed in place of knobs.

Backsplash detail:

Looking through the pass-through to the DR. The old bar-top counter was oak with a full white tile backsplash underneath.

A few days after installing the drawer pulls, I caught this basset hound climbing them like a ladder and using them to hoist herself for counter cruising. I'll try to get a picture next time she does it. She thinks I don't know what she's up to, but I can hear her snooping in the kitchen from the great room. Pardon the dog blankets, one of which is the Christmas tree skirt that she ran off with while we were undecorating the tree.

Here's the stove wall, with vertical pulls drawn on:

New LG OTR MW will be delivered in 3 days. It has hidden vents:

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