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Do you like your Doctor?

10 years ago

I feel so disillusioned with my husband's doctor. My husband has "had" AFib; he was also born with a Bicuspid heart. For the last couple of years husband has had a very well know doctor whom I have met on a few occasions. The doctor is extremely likeable, charismatic, is a great public speaker on heart issues and also does much volunteering for aids patients in Africa. Over the last three years my husband has suffered, ending up in the hospital on several occasions, endless Zappings, and lots of drugs all of which made me fearful to travel with him so no vacation this year and we were very fearful of a stroke. My husbands family has a history of stroke. Well, finally a few weeks ago the Cardio doctor recommended that my husband get the Abrasion surgery to correct the problem. It has worked wonderfully so far and both our lives are changing for the better. In the meantime I have a neighbor who has had only about four mild episodes of Afib over the past year; he always comes out of it on his own, never spent a night in the hospital and was never zapped. Both he and my husband are the same age and have the same insurance. The neighbors Afib has not been much of a problem but more of a nuisance, although there is always a stroke risk. Yet, the neighbors cardiologist has already recommended the Abrasion surgery. I want my husband to change Cardiologists, I feel his has become more of a celebrity doctor and my husband has not gotten proper advice or care.

What would you do? Would you keep your doctor just because you really really like him even if he's not doing his job?

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