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Range hood dilemma

11 years ago

Hello! This is a "before" picture! I just bought a 1960's ranch house and am about to remodel. My budget is limited so I am not doing a complete remodel. And I decided to incorporate the kitschy, pristine pink and green tile countertops into the plan (I may regret it so my plan will have to accomodate a change in countertop that will work with it). We are going to whitewash the knotty pine, and replace the appliances and cabinet doors. We will spray the existing cabinet boxes with a white lacquer finish that will look glossy and brand new. The doors will be flat panel with modern tubular pulls. Appliances will either be stainless or white ice.

There will be a slight structural change in the existing floor plan. The door from the garage is going to be moved to where the refrigerator is, and the refrigerator is going to be moved to the adjoining wall to the left, where new cabinets will be built that will extend to where the existing door is now in the photo.

Here is the problem...we will install a new gas range pretty much where it is now, and a new range hood to replace the broken vintage NuTone you see. I had thought about a micro/hood, but the problem is the upper cabinet would have to be shortened by about 8", leaving an awkward 6" space without a door.

So we decided instead to install a pro-style chimney hood with a glass canopy, keeping with the contemporary vibe we are seeking. But the problem is that would leave nothing on the left side of the range hood. Just a tile backsplash behind it, and then the door on the left. There will be a short bookcase on the left side of the range also, just to give it a finished look, but I think it would be weird to extend that all the way up to "box in" the range hood.

Is that too weird? Any suggestions for how to configure this space? I have attached a photo of that wall. I have a rough floor plan of the proposed design (without any hood), but don't know how to post a 2nd jpg.

Thanks for your help!

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