I was wrong and I'll admit it...(sorta' long)

11 years ago

Okay, so I'm licking the egg off my face. After the discussions about 'coloring your hair' and 'how old do you look', I have a confession to make. I took the jump, I did it, faced up to the fact that my gray hair, or what I termed 'salt & pepper', made me look....old.

So what, you asked, did I do? I colored my hair. I gave up the ghost and I have to tell you all that if I'd have known what an amazing difference it made I would have done it years ago (she says as she hangs her head in abject embarrassment). The reaction has been nothing less than unbelievably positive from family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

Long story a union dinner last week of about 50 people, I looked around the room at all the women with gray hair. There were between 10 and 12 of them, and as I looked at each of them I realized that none of them looked youthful. Granted, they looked like little old ladies of the dowdy variety, but I started wondering if that's what I looked like to them and to other people. Kind of scary but not in a bad sort of way, more in a self-awareness kind of way.

When I get home I asked my DH if my gray hair made me look old and without missing a beat his answer was "yes". I asked him why he never mentioned this and he said it's because I'm beautiful. Okay, give the man credit LOL. The next day I called my hairdresser because I had my appointment for a cut, and I asked him if he would be able to fit a color in my appointment. I thought the man would pass out. I've been going to him for quite a few years and he's brought up the suggestion of coloring my hair twice in all that time. He said he would definitely fit me in if we had to be there until midnight. Now give that man credit, too ;o)

That evening everyone at the salon was gathered around for the big reveal. When it was all said and done they all clapped and cheered! I'm still in shock. It's perfect, it really is. People have mentioned more than once that now they can really see how beautiful my skin is. DH mentioned that right off the bat. He's always commented on my skin and so have others, but now it seems everyone is seeing it. I swear it took 15 years off how I looked. I still believe that age should be embraced and I'm not trying to 'turn back the clock', but I actually look close enough to the age that I feel, and I don't feel a day over 45.

I'm not going to post a pic on this thread until tonight because I have to have DS take one of the new me.

So get out the wet noodles and give me a lashing. I deserve it.

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