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HVAC Planning

15 years ago

Hi all - I would love to get some input on the following senario and get some ideas... I am starting to meet with HVAC guys this week for my addition/remodel. the following is what i have....

I am doing a new second floor, and remodeling the ground floor.I am planning on upgraded insulation (Cellulose)and generally sealing it better than normal.Existing has old cast iron radiators, My heating system is ancient hot water system(Big old cast iron boiler type)

What i would like is an efficient system (Within reason in terms of initial cost), I would love radient heat or would like to use the Cast iron radiators (Or both). I have also read about the european radiant wall mount radiators. We are also looking for A/C however with what i just listed above, it would mean installing 2 distribution systems which is more cost.? Initial system cost is a consideration, but if it makes sense then.. may be worth it

So... what do you all recommend or suggest in terms of a system that would include my above likes... What are the best designs or systems layouts that are being employed at this time.?

Would love to hear your opinions so i have some background for discussion when i meet them later in the week..

thanks all....


I also looked for a long time at geothermal - but its not feasible for me at this time.

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