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I was at Nate's show yesterday

13 years ago

I sent for tickets from the Nate Berkus show website, and they e-mailed me back with several dates/times available. It was easy! I live in central NJ, so NYC is not far from us. DH came with me. (He counted 12 other men there, most of whom were with each other LOL). While we were waiting in line to get into the show, because we were a couple, we were pulled out and interviewed on camera separately with the question of who makes the design decisions in the house and why. That was pretty funny since I mostly make all the decisions, and DH goes along, partly because he knows I'm better at it, and also because he really doesn't care so much.

We drove by the studio about an hour before we were scheduled to be there and people were already waiting in line to get in (after parking, we got there maybe a 1/2 hour before). Other than making sure that you got in to the show, it didn't seem to matter where you were in line because once in the building, we were all randomly led into different rooms with coffee and snacks and we waited about an hour and a half. From there the crowd was led into the studio, and everyone was told where to sit -- the first people in line didn't get to just run into the front rows. Many people I talked to were from different cities and made this part of a vacation trip, and there were several others who traveled hours to get there just for the show.

I had never done this before so it was interesting for me to see how a TV show is taped. Nate is just as cute in person and very charming. His staff was very patient with everyone and they all kept everything very light and amusing. We saw Jane Krakowski, who has a new CD, which we got to take home; a woman who had an out-of-control pantry that got organized (I have seen much worse in my business), and another woman who sold a cutting board idea to Williams-Sonoma (we got gift cards). Believe it or not I forgot to ask when it would be broadcasting, so I have to keep an eye out for the show's guests to know.

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