Need help choosing an HVAC setup in my home

13 years ago

Been driving myself crazy for the past 1.5 weeks trying to figure out which way to go for a new Furnace and AC for my 2700 sq. ft. home in NE Ohio.

Replacing: XE70 Trane 100,000 and a 4Ton Trane A/C unit (don't know model)

I have two proposals, one from Trane, the other from Lennox.


TUH2C100A9V4 - XV95 Furnace - 100,000 BTU

TCONT802AS32 XR13 3.5 Ton AC 13 SEER

4TXCC043BC3HC - TRANE cased evap coil

700A Aprilaire auto-trac fan powered humid

2410 Aprilaire media-style aircleaner

Thermostat (don't know model)

10yr. parts AND labor promo


G71MPP-36-C-090 Furnace 90,000BTU

XC13-036 13 SEER condensor 3 ton

"Indoor evap coil" - no unit or model number in proposal

"Elite" touchscreen thermostat

700A Aprilaire auto-trac fan powered humid

air cleaner (said comparable to the 2410)

10 yr parts

Both companies come highly recommended. The Lennox guy has been my yearly service contract for current setup. Trane guy is new to me.

The Trane guy took a cross section measurement of my house and determined the sq. ft (comparable to documentation from when bought my house) and worked up the Manual J. He asked about the hot and cold spots in my house, number of registers (my kids were sleeping so we didn't go through each room). I also told him that my windows are 20yrs. old and ineffeicent; that I feel I lose heat from them.

He said he would go with the 100K BTU burner because of the length of my house and amount of registers (17 in all). He said 90K would be pushing it (and Trane doesn't have a 90K unit in that model). He also suggested the 3.5 ton AC for the same reason, wanted me to be comfortable in the summer. He also mentioned heat lost through the windows as his justification for the units' sizes. He never asked about location of windows or amount of returns.

Lennox guy never took measurements, but did go to each room and noted windows, returns and registers (he had a "room chart diagram" and wrote info about each room). When I asked him later about why no measurement, he said (I've been doing this for 33 yrs., etc... etc...) Though he didn't take actual measurements, he did a Manual J (I guess with guesstimate measurements from the walk through). He said the 90K BTU and 3Ton units should be plenty for my house due to what the original unit was pushing out at the 70% efficiency. He also never really asked me about hot/cold spots, but was concerned that one of my returns was not bigger than it was.

I did have a 3rd guy comes out (Carrier), but he didn't have any literature with him, and never even sent me the packet he said he was going to (?)

So, now I have a decision to make.

After fed rebate, both proposals are comparable inprice (Lennox is offering a $500 rebate; Trane is throwing in humid at no cost. As of right now, Trane is about $300 under) So, price is not sooooo much of a factor (though lesser $$$ out of pocket is always good).

My questions for you knowledable folks: are either of these set-ups good? I'm torn between the dual stage burner on the Trane vs. the Lennox modulating heat. Seems Lennox would be better but I guess Trane would be just as good(?) Should I be concerned about questions not asked; measurements not taken? Do the sizing of these units sound right? Shoud I insist on the IAQ thermostat you guys love?

Under my current setup, the house feels cold in winter when I have the therm set to 72. I feel the far ends of the house don't always get the heat before the stat is satisfied. Would a variable speed blower constantly on help that?

I would like to seal thise deal by 4/30 so any suggestions comments quickly would be greatly appreciated.

THanks in advance.

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