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slim broom/mop storage: more measurements

Marie Tulin
9 years ago

Finally, the pantry and refrigerator "unit" are getting finished. I fervently hope that I can convey to the carpenter all the information you good people provided.
I need some clarification on the sliding slim broom storage I'd like to squeeze in between the frig and wall.

First, can someone post the link to the photos someone posted of broom storage her husband built? I searched, but no luck
I don't remember if the actual construction dimensions, details and materials were there, but if anyone knows where I can get those, I'd appreciate it.

The main thing I want to store is my 3"wide magic horsehair broom
I have an inexpensive dry mop that is 5 inches
but I can buy another smaller dust mop cheaper than the broom,

Thanks for any help you can offer asap....

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