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Crazy things my dog and cat do or eat....

14 years ago

My first german shephard, an american if that matters, only did a few things. When he was about 8 or 9 he took to eating barbie outfits when we did not play with him enough. He would barf them up outside for us to find his lovely snacks. Once I found a colorful item in the garage. It turned out to be a fabric hawaiian lei. He loved to eat and then poop out blue walmart bags. Only the blue ones. Not sure how he would get ahold of them. I had to start using the white ones, he never ate them. Once we went somewhere after I made a pink frosted, cherry chip sheet cake. I put it way back on counter, he never got stuff off the counter. We came home to a really sticky floor. But it was clean. I found cakepan upside down on floor. No frosting. Turns out he flipped pan onto floor. He proceeded to push the pan around floor and he licked up the frosting as it smudged around floor. The transition strips to carpet prevented it from leaving room.

Now my new pup who is a monsterly 80lbs at least at 10mo, he is a beast. He chewed corners of my beautiful bedroom dressers. He humps and thrashes the really nice lambswool bed we got him, which explains why it is in the closet and not on the floor. He injested a nylabone that is supposed to be for older puppies to chew on but not chew up. That disappeared within about 10min. He likes to toss around plastic balls like he is a cat. He pats them around the floor and tosses them in the air like a cat. He does not drink from the toilet- hmmmm. He finally stopped eating his own poop, but does enjoy the rather large dried cowpies we find while hiking in the Sierras. He ate the edges off my son's brand new book. Now it looks like a really old book with all the edges burned off, well chewed. He will chew on the edges of the wood we bring in for the fireplace. He covers his pee with bark from the yard using his nose. We had an old arcade came that had some damage from prior owner, not sure what caused it. He chewed on another corner which allowed us to determine that the other marks were definitely from a dog.

My sealpoint siamese mutt cat. She is so pretty. DD was at a friends so she climbed in with my son. She is used to sleeping on dd's double bed having the extra pillow as her place to sleep. Ds has single bed with no extra pillow so she just tried to sleep on his head, with her butt. She likes to open the 4" shutters and slip inside to look out. When she goes through, her fat belly causes the slat to close her up in them. The other day I was in the shower and she decided to open the shutters next to my clear glass shower enclosure. Luckily the trees block my window from the major intersection by my house. The other day she did something amazing. I was too lazy to toss out the rubberband on the paper. So I put it in a votive which was on kitchen table, without a candle of course. A few minutes later the cat was playing with it on the floor. She also only likes pink ponytail holders and will dig them out of the container until she finds one. She will then play fetch with you. You shoot it and she retrieves it and returns it. She literally waits by the laundryroom door for doggy to come by before she goes throught her kitty door to go potty. He chases her in, she does her business and then he waits. When she is done she will paw at the door flap. He sticks his nose in and she proceeds to pound on him. They can do this for a long time. She has recently managed to pull our cabinets open. She sticks her paw in and opens them right up. The other day we came home to playdough can on floor, cabinet open. She saw ds playing with the stuff and then waited for us to leave. She pulled out a can and was rolling around the floor. Dh has these really tall slender speakers on each side of tv/fireplace wall. There are windwos with shutters on them behind the speakers. Dh discoverd she is getting on top on the speaker and opening the shutter so she can tease the dog. She cannot get inside the blinds due to the height but it is enough just to open them to get the dog upset when he is outside.

I would love to hear of your edible items or weird behaviors. Besides being fun it provides great therapy for those of us dealing with loss.

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