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Quote on a New Heating/AC System

I have gotten 2 quotes roughly comparable - just want to get a sense if this is in the right ball park. We are in MA, the house is a ranch - 3,000 sq. ft., about 2,100 first level, 900 basement. Boiler will be in basement and air handler and duct work for first level will be in attic. House has no gas.


Attic Installation of new duct system with Heat Pump or Air Conditioning Solutions with Oil Boiler Back-up Heat Source
The following installation options include all equipment, material and labor as well as start up and testing by a qualified technician.
Air Handler: Lennox CBWMV -048/60C Hydro-coil Air Handler
5 year factory warranty on all covered components
Single speed blower
Heat Pump: Lennox XP17 Heat Pump (Heat & Cooling Condenser unit)
10 year factory warranty on all covered components
Single stage operation
Additional material:
Refrigerant piping
Digital Thermostat
System suspended with threaded rod, uni-strut, and drain pan in attic
Air Quality:
Built in MERV 10 air filtration
Duct Work
Properly designed trunk with correct number of supply outlets to primary living level and outlets through closet areas to basement level
Properly designed return with grill and filter
Total Investment for Phase 1:

Phase 2
Boiler Option Pure Pro Trio Oil Boiler P4
Installation includes the following equipment and material as well as piping to local code.
Spiro Vent air removal device
Back flow preventer
Pressure relief valve
Properly sized 3-speed Grundfos circulator pump
Proper isolation and shut off flanges
Check Valves
Primary piping design
Vent piping
CO detector
Plumbing to attic from basement to hydro-coil
Installation also includes filling and flushing the system, as well as startup and testing of the new boiler. We will also remove and dispose of your current chimney vented oil furnace and connect new flue to the chimney.
Total Investment for Phase 2:

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