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Review quote for central AC replacement

10 years ago

This is a quote from my local heating A/C company to replace my central AC.

Current System: A 15+ year old 3.5 ton unit with a SEER 8 rating located in an uninsulated attic. Existing ducts are not sealed or insulated - simple setup with a 50' main supply duct that runs a straight line down the middle of the house and 10 smaller ducts running from it to vents. Home is a ranch style house with 2500 sq ft. Located in southern CT. Current system is obviously inefficient and needs to run 100% of the time during hot weather but does cool and dehumidify well.

Quote includes:
Trane outdoor AC unit
Condenser leveling pad
Trane Hyperion indoor air handler
Watertight safety drain pan and platform
Honeywell thermostat

Scope of work:
Remove current air handler and condensing unit and discard per EPA requirments
Place new air handler in attic with water tight pan/wood platform
Wrap existing supply and return distribution system with R8 duct wrap
Install new R8 flexible duct from existing distribution line to ceiling registers
Place outdoor condensing unit on a approved pad
Replace refrigeration piping/electrical wiring
Complete drain piping.

Efficiency Options:

1. XB 14 SEER OPTION - $11985.00
Indoor unit: GAM5A0C42M31
Outdoor unit: 4TTB4042E1
Combined SEER = 15

2. Xli 15 SEER OPTION - $13895.00
Indoor unit: AM7A0C48H41
Outdoor unit: 4TTX5042A1
Combined SEER = 16

3. Xli 16 SEER OPTION - $14770.00
Indoor unit: AM7A0C48H41
Outdoor unit: 4TTX6048G1
Combined SEER = 17

Honestly all of these quotes seems really high. There's nothing particularly difficult about this change out. Guy is claiming it will take two guys 4 days to complete for EIGHT man days and that this is where the majority of the cost is occurred. Guy was pushing option number 2. Honestly I know very little about HVAC.

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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