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Speaking of food - lets talk gardens - canning, etc.

13 years ago

As I stated in Oakley's thread, we love veggies around here. This year my hubby and I decided to do more than our usual tomato and cuke plants. We also planted squash, bell peppers (red and green), and cantaloupe. We are anxiously awaiting the first cantaloupes! Something else we love. YUM.

Anyhoo, I gave a friend almost 40 tomatoes earlier this week. I probably have close to 60 after today's picking so tomorrow I am going to make pasta sauce to put up. I also plan to purchase some sweet corn (silver queen) and green beans (white half runners) to put up. I've done corn in the past, but not in several years. I don't plan on putting up alot of any of these, but they will be nice when the fresh produce is not in.

I'm thinking of freezing some of my peppers, a friend told me she cores and slices hers in to large slices and freezes. I'm a bit skeptical, but might give it a try as we have so many and red peppers are outrageous at the store! I would use them to cook with only, so hopefully it will work.

How about ya'll - do any of you can, freeze, etc.? I grew up with my mom and my grandmother canning, freezing, making jellies, jams, applesauce, applebutter, etc. I've never done much of it myself. Next year we plan to have a larger garden (we've enjoyed it so much this year - especially hubby) so I'd like to learn how to can/freeze, etc.


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