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Kitchen Remodel Layout/Design Help!!!

12 years ago

So I have bought my first house and have gutted the kitchen. Now I am at a standstill because I can't quite figure out the right layout. So, I'm posting the present layout/dimensions and am hoping for help!!

The kitchen is 12' wide and 11' deep. I have removed the wall b/w the kitchen and dining room. If I need to, I can push the kitchen 1-2' into the dining room space. I believe I want direct access from the kitchen to the living room as well. As of now, the kitchen is open to the dining room, and there is a door to the hall and to the porch (that is now closed in and going to be used as laundry/computer/seating area). I am trying to upload a picture of the layout as well, so it's easier to understand.

What I have to work with: Refrigerator that is 3' wide and about 30" deep, a 36" range, a dishwasher, a 24"sink, and my parents old wall mounted Vent-a-Hood.

Thanks for any and all advice!!

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