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hvac quote - alexandria va

9 years ago

Hello. I am about to put in two new Bryant systems duct work and all into a house renovation. Would love some advice on choices.


My wife and myself keep the house cooler during the winter and warmer in the summer but we want to make sure the house humidity stays within a good range for comfort. Winter we keep the house between 60-67 degrees and the summer is 78-82.

House is about 2500 sq/ft. System 1 would cover the first floor and System 2 the the second and third floor. Third floor only requires 200 cfms.

System 1 cooling load calc was 14,285 Btuh and 32k for heating.

System 2 was 24000 btuh cooling and not sure on the heating.

The quote we got was for Bryant Evolution series HP and evolution gas furnace with ducts.

2x Gas furnaces: Bryant Evolution base model 986T
2x Heat Pumps : Bryant Evolution base model 286B
2x Humidifiers: Honeywell
evolution thermostats
carbon monoxide sensors included

$26,177.37 materials , equipment duct , permits
$8571.43 labor
~35k total! Still may need to pay 4k more to zone the third floor from the second.

*They haven't given me the tonnage numbers yet.

For our humidification and dehumidification needs is this a solid system?

Should we upgrade to the evolution extreme HP?

Is this system overkill?

Do we need heat pumps with a variable fan speed furnace with 2 stage heating?

If the house will be tight or semi-tight do we need a ventilator?


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