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Help evaluating Heat Pump Quotes

13 years ago

This is a heat pump replacement for my rental home in San Antonio, 2 story, 3024 square feet. House is 10 years old, well insulated, no duct or comfort issues, no unusual installation issues. Manual J calls for a 5 ton unit. Just looking for a replacement heat pump system, as current system just went over 10 years old, is now out of warranty and has been through 3 compressors in its life. (that installer wonÂt get this job). Will be flushing and using existing lineset because it is behind brick, but it is large enough for R410 (7/8 inch, I think). Since this is a rental, it wonÂt qualify for the tax credit, but will qualify for a $500 utility company credit if I put in a 15 seer instead of a 13 seer, just seems like the price differential is too great. All include txv valve and thermostat, but I need to get details on the Âstats. Any advice on 13 vs 15 seer and then which brand is the better choice? Tennant pays utilities.

Bid 1: 13 Seer Amana GSZ130601 with ARUF486016 10 year parts and labor warranty $3200

Bid 2: 13 Seer Carrier 25HBC360 with FB4CNF060, 10 year parts and labor warranty, $3889

Bid 3: 15 Seer Carrier 25HBC560 with FX4DNF060, 10 year parts and labor warranty, $5998

Bid 4: 15 Seer Amana SSZ140601 with MBVC2000, 10 year parts and labor warranty, $5998

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