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new construction heat & air, CA Tier2

13 years ago

Hi all,

We are in the process of building a new home out in the country. It is large - 6900 sq ft living area. The HVAC bid just jumped $14000 - including duct work, air filtration, zones, ...

The fellow says the new refrigerant increased costs $4000, the zones added about $2500, and increasing to SEER 16 added another $7000.

I should state, we are going extremely energy efficient. Many reasons for this, including a $2.50 per watt rebate on the solar system (as opposed to $1.25 per watt for a lower efficiency home). Winter temps run in the 20's at night, Summer highs average 90-100.

The entire quote, including 5 units, Trane CleanEffects filtration, ducting, ... is just over $50K. Original quote was $38. Does this seem reasonable?

Also, is Trane reliable, worry free? We are very remote and don't want to deal with problems down the road.


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