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Geothermal Question: split system requires two sep. wells?

17 years ago

Because of the layout of my older home, and that I do not currently have any ductwork, we're looking to get a split system with one heatpump serving the 1st floor, and another serving the 2nd/3rd. The bids we've gotten so far are for air-exchange heat pumps, but we're now seriously wanting to consider geothermal, so I'm doing as much research on it as I can.

FYI, it sounds like that around here (southern Delaware, about 10 miles from the ocean and surrounded by nearby wetlands) they primarily do vertical systems - I presume this because whenever I ask about it, I'm always told that it requires a well to be dug and well to me = vertical, so I'm presuming that it may be because of our high water table and taking advantage of the additional thermal properties of the water access. If anyone wants to help fill in the details or correct my incorrect presumptions I'd appreciate it!

In either case, vertical or horizontal, my question is basically the same: If I have a split duct system in my house, will I need to have two totally separate piping systems?!? If so, is there any way economize on that -- two horizontal systems in the same set of trenches, or two vertical systems in the same wells, anything like that?

I'm having trouble finding anything about this online, so if you have links that might help me learn more about this specific situation, I'd appreciate the links, as well as any guidance/advice on this!

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