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Whole House Humidifier Help

13 years ago

Hi all, we have hot air heating with 2 blowers (one in basement and one in the attic, about 5500 sq ft total for 2 floors, basement and attic are unfinished). The heat is generated from an oil burning Peerless boiler that feeds hot water to a Phase III indirect water heater, which then is fed to coils on the air exchanger (also obviously used for a/c via 2 Rheem units). The question I have is the home inspector said NOT to use an induct hunidification system, and humidify locally with bedroom units - 1. since hot water is the source of heat (on coils, and the house still gets dry during a Connecticut winter) and 2. claimed mold develops in the ducts and blows around the house (my wife is very allergic to mold).

Does this make sense? Any suggestions to better add moisture to the house..Aprilaire, Honeywell, other? Can an induct system be put in the attic, which gets cold?

Thanks in advance