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Anyone else just back from dropping first-born at college?

12 years ago

Well, we all survived... We live in TX, and drove up to incredibly beautiful Ithaca, NY to leave our first-born at Cornell. An exhausting but exhilirating 4,000 miles on the odometer later, we're back in Texas missing him -don't think he's missing us too much... He's so incredibly excited and thrilled there that it is hard for us to be sad in any way. I expected the campus to be beautiful, but it was beyond that, whatever the word for that would be... We were treated so kindly and graciously by every Cornelian we met, ate some delicious food in "College Town", walked up and down the hills till our legs felt like jelly, fell in love with this place just like DS did a year ago on a trip there.

A few memories stand out: Since it's a coed dorm, I was able to sneak a peek at the girls' room across the hall. So cute! Of course they had rearranged the furniture, called each other to color coordinate the furnishings. Called my son over to show him how they'd rearranged the room. Him: "Oh, cool." Me: "Look how much more spacious it looks." Him: "Yeah, I know." Me: "Do you want us to help you switch your furniture around like that?" Him (with a look of bafflement), "No, why?"

We had breakfast together Sunday morning. I returned to his dorm room with him to retrieve something afterwards. Confirmed my hunch. Less than 24 hours after move-in, the floor was completely covered in clothing and other paraphenalia. But since it is Not My Problem, I just closed the door and walked away...

We made a brief tour of the art museum while there. Lots of great art, much of which we didn't 'get'. My son says to DH, "Hey Dad, if this physics thing doesn't work out, maybe I could major in art." Poor DH nearly coughed up a lung.

Our four or five days together between arriving in Ithaca and leaving the campus for Texas will be etched in my memory as a very sweet time with DS. He seemed to have suddenly matured, no eye-rolls or, "Mom, really?" comments... though younger DS at home did mention, "Oh yeah, he's been updating me on all your 'mom moments'.... LOL. Still, mature and kind of him to be so sweet with us... hope it was sweet parting for all my GW friends who are walking in our shoes...

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