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Trane Heatpump/Air Handler

16 years ago

I've been talking with several HVAC companies in my area and have narrowed my decision down to two contractors. I am planning to install a trane XR13 with the appropriate air handler. The two companies have only a slight area of disagreement. According to one company, if I install the XR13 and a single speed air handler, I will have a SEER 14 system (variable speed not required). The other company says that SEER 14 is achieveable only with the variable speed system. Both companies are very friendly and seem professional and knowledgeable. Can you guys give me the right answer?

Here's the model numbers I've been told:

Outdoor unit: 2TWR3048

Air Handler (single speed): 2TEC3F48B1000A

Air Handler (variable speed): 2TEE3F49A1000A

There is a $400 difference between the single speed and variable speed units.

Thanks for your help.

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