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I'm so confused over Mini-Splits, Central A/C and Heat Pumps

15 years ago

Can someone explain the difference between a heat pump, central air and heat and a mini split as far as cost of operation?

WeÂve been told by 2 companies that a mini split wonÂt work in our house but 2 other companies said it will. There would be 6 zones with the mini split in 1800 square feet.

WeÂve been told there is no benefit, cost wise, to having a mini split versus a central unit with 2 stage. We have 2 estimates so far and the mini split is less than $500 more than a central air and heat 2 stage unit.

We live in southern Louisiana. The house will have spray foam insulation in the roof, outer walls and under the floor, low E windows and doors, metal roof. No trees are close enough to shade the roof.

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