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Could use some positive thoughts

17 years ago

In May, I left a job that I loved (looong story) and have been job searching since then. My hopes was to break into the kitchen design field (call me crazy). I have a fairly strong design/decorating background dating back to 1977, when I entered a very selective fashion & advertising design satellite program through FIT in NY. I externshipped working in ad & logo design and have worked in jobs that involved ad display and decorating consult since.

Anyway, interviewed at a couple cabinet places, but it seemed they were looking more for hard core sales people (read the proverbial used car salesman-lol) than creative souls that know their way around a kitchen-I have a really hard time being pushy, and we all know that the cabinet selection process is by education & competative pricing, not hard sales!

Yesterday, I got a call from a local cabinet place that needs a KD to run the showroom. We talked and seemed to hit it off. He felt he needed someone that had substantial showroom experience (of which I have none). He stated he wouldn't hesitate to hire me if he had a primary KD, to 'show me the ropes', as he is frequently unavailable for questions, etc. We left it as he may (really big may)be considering me and I should stop by and talk to him further sometime.

If you are still following this, any suggestions as to how to convince him I can do the job and do it well? Please send me positive job wishes this weekend, as I plan to gussy up and go see him Monday!

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